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Staying Fit with Brittany Noelle

BBC: Let's start by saying you look amazing! We are excited to interview Brittany, CEO of Brittany Noelle Fitness. Tell us your story. How did you get started and end up where you are today?

BN: I was a Track athlete in college at UCLA. I became very passionate about injury prevention and weight lifting at that time. After college I started a career in personal training and have been training people for almost 10 years now. I took my business online last year and the business is still going strong.

BBC: Wow, 10 years of being a trainer, that's amazing! Tell us about your business. What do you offer?

BN: I offer online personal training and nutrition coaching. I create custom weight training workouts and deliver them to my clients through my fitness app. We have weekly coaching calls to discuss nutrition, progress, and to form new habits.

BBC: Nutrition coaching & custom workouts those are important! What motivated you to start your business, over the years what challenges have you faced along the way?

BN: I wanted the freedom of working for myself and I also wanted to be able to reach more people worldwide. Understanding how to actually run a business. All of the government paperwork, taxes, and logistics. Also, new client acquisition was as challenge.

BBC: Legal matters for entrepreneurs can definitely be tricky I agree. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in entrepreneurship and how do you find inspiration?

BN: If you don’t know something, read a book about it. And definitely other female entrepreneurs. Seeing them thrive inspires me to get keep going.

BBC: After 10 years what are you most proud of in your business? What was the best piece of advice you ever got?

BN: I’m proud of all of my clients who have reached their goals through my program. Be your own boss and trust your skills!

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