Sarah Bondzie: Changing the Optometry Game

BBC: Today, we are excited to interview Sarah Bondzie of Bonne Vue. Share with our audience, how Bonne Vue got started.

SB: I come from a family of medical professionals, so I always knew I would somehow or someway be drawn to something familiar in that realm. I was originally in nursing, and it didn't fulfill that joy I normally have for the things I loved. So I started researching more about neuroscience and found my way in optometry. It honestly wasn't until I got myself in the field to than realize the admiration I had for the eyes. I had to sit down, get focused, and see what made me, me. The things I've accumulated were; I work in the field of optometry, I have over what seems likes twenty pairs of sunglasses, and I love herbal medicine. There's a quote that always stuck to me by Rumi (one of my favorite poets), and it says, if you wish to be a mine of jewels, open the deep ocean within your heart.

BBC: Taking care of our eyes is something we definitely take for granted. What does Bonne Vue offer?

SB: BVE capsules are natural minerals and vitamins which help to replenish, nourish, and brighten the eyes in one capsule or chewable. Our focus lies primarily on nature's playground with ingredients like goji berries, green tea, mango, riboflavin, lutein, and flax seeds all containing the key components necessary for healthier eyes. Our vision is to reduce the risk of getting eye diseases and experiencing any AMD-related vision loss. At times it

may be difficult obtaining all the nutrients necessary for healthy vision; with BVE, we've done the work for you in one capsule. If your eyes are affected by any of the following activities, BVE capsules are the perfect supplements for you. 

Reading for long periods of time.

  • Driving long distances. 

  • Working on a computer.

  • Driving at night. 

  • Contact lens wearer. 

  • Yellowish-reddish eyes. 

  • Dry and itchy eyes.

  • Glasses wearer 

BBC: What motivated you to create your own supplement?