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LaKisha Mosely: Profiting in A Virtual World

BBC: We have the owner of The LM Experience here with us today. We are super excited to interview you LaKisha, please tell us what motivated you to start your business?

LM: I started my event company after planning my five-year wedding renewal ceremony. I had so much fun planning and meeting people that when I was laid off from my job a few months later, I just decided to start my own business. My company originally was started as a full-service event planning company in which my team not only executed events, but administrated the planning of the events as well. We have now pivoted and expanded to executing engaging virtual experiences, serving clients across the country in lieu of COVID-19.

BBC: What a blessing in disguise being laid off. Congrats on maintaining your business during the Pandemic, We're sure it wasn't easy! What challenges did you have to overcome?

LM: One of our major challenges but opportunities is transitioning our event platform to virtual experiences,

providing stellar events that keep companies and brands relevant, polished and still profitable in a digital space. Our team has had to pivot to master the latest digital platforms that have expanded in great measure since the pandemic. Our team has stayed on the cutting edge of technology so that our clients don't have to, and can focus on authentically engaging with their audiences and client bases.

BBC: That is such a smart idea, everything is now going virtually. What is the biggest lesson you’ve

learned in entrepreneurship?

LM: The biggest lesson that I think we all have learned as a nation eve, that entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. We have had to be flexible to the need of our clients. We had to pivot and pivot quickly in order to make sure our team was well-versed in cutting edge digital event platforms and could service a superior digital experience.

BBC: That is extremely true! Since being in business what is your greatest success? What are you most proud of in your business?

LM: One of greatest successes to date was our first Annual My Mind is My Business Mental Health Virtual Summit that we held in October 2020 and will be hosting again in May 2021. It brought much-needed issues concerning mental health and wellness to the forefront of our societal conversation, giving voice to our issues as a collective and giving us space to explore those issues in detail. We maxed all tickets for this event, and are committed to making it an even bigger virtual experience than our last. We are now gearing up for From Papers to Profit Virtual Writers Conference in 2021, creating resources for authors, seasoned and aspiring to write, publish and strategically position their books and writing content in the marketplace.

BBC: We commend you for putting such an important event together. As we know there are many ups and downs in entrepreneurship. How do you stay motivated in your purpose?

LM: The philosopher Aristotle has said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Likewise, Jesus said, “You will know a tree by its fruit.” I operate my life in a way that I demand excellence from myself and from my team so that our brand will be known for its fruit, and the results and ways that we serve our clients. First and foremost, I devote my day to God in prayer, giving Him my schedule and letting Him have His way and my undivided attention. This keeps me centered and allows me to command my day in a way that I flow in productivity and peace.

BBC: That is a great motto to live by. What final words can you share with our readers?

LM: In regards to initially starting my business, a valued mentor once told me to simply start. Perfection wasn't needed, but starting was necessary. I started with what I had and built diligently on the journey. Fast forward to an entire virtual event experience machine that our team has later become, I can say that the advice proved to be quite advantageous.

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