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Paging Dr. Allison: The Beauty Practitioner

BBC: Hey BBC Fam! We have a very important Doctor here with us today. The Beauty Practitioner herself, Shadaria Allison. Welcome Shadaria! We are so excited to chat with you today, tell our readers your story, and how you managed to come this far.

SA: I started from a place lower than the bottom. I started with nothing. I took the energy (because it is energy) of homelessness, teen pregnancy, mental and emotional illness, and poor life choices to illustrate a dream story. People; fundamentally, women provoked me to create a business around beauty. I never envisioned beauty as a one-dimensional thing. This is why I create beauty consulting, business bios, and PR options centered around a beautiful experience, and not so much one layer of what beauty means. The absence of the experience of beauty in the world; from an intrinsic place, inspired me to begin. When I am not serving the latest trends to business professionals, I am a proud mother, scholar, and communal advocate.

BBC: That is truly a testimony and such a blessing. Tell us about your business. What do you offer?

SA: Born from the ashes of a former beauty business, Dr. Allison the Beauty Practitioner is a tri-level conglomerate, functioned to serve multi-generational beauty and business clientele. With over 16 years in the industry with a solid reputation for amazing results I've served hundreds of commercial, celebrity, and business clients, with a signature that sets me apart from other curators. Whether it is beauty, branding, or business I guarantee to deliver results so pristine, the world will know you’ve been to the Dr.!

BBC: That's amazing that you have curated a brand that is multi-dimensional. Generally, the focus is just surface level. What is your greatest success? What are you most proud of in your business?

SA: My bio services are one of the most lucrative branches of my tri-level conglomerate. I have to date; written several bios; with a 100% success rate. Seeing my client's reaction to their life being told on paper; makes my heart smile. I am also the proud author of over 12 books. I am 3-TIMES Best-Selling Author. I am the proud mother of one amazing son, Ca'ren Franklin.

BBC: Wow! 3-Times Best Selling Author! That is truly a great success, congrats to you on that accomplishment. How do you find inspiration, especially during these times? What is your personal motto?

SA: Culture is my inspiration. We often mistake advancement as a portal to the release of morale in conduct, business, and love. I like to look from a generational perspective, onto culture; to see how I can be a help.

"Truth Needs No Modesty." (often spoken by my late grand-father: Lillard Gaither) The truth is a non-negotiable carrier to destiny. You can try to dress it up and it will strip to bare bones. You can try to bend it, and it will morph back in place. Know the truth. Tell it, and be ready for the consequence because it's going to take you somewhere beautiful.

BBC: Culture is definitely very important. Since being in business what is the best piece of advice you've received? And, what was your biggest lesson learned?

SA: "No ending is perfect; you just have to keep fighting and do it honorably" - Grammy Award Winner, Sauce Money My uncle is one of the wisest men I know. This motto has helped me survive many moments of defeat. Biggest lesson- Friendship in business doesn't mean free.

BBC: You have dropped some gems for our readers today! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!

Keep Up with Shadaria:

IG: Shadaria_Allison

IG: Married2theMission


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