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Meet Tayani Tellis of Intentionally POSH

Learn how she navigated through the challenges of entrepreneurship to build a profitable brand.

Tell us, how did your journey in entrepreneurship begin?

I’m Tayani S. Tellis, founder of Intentionally POSH Consulting Firm - formerly known as POSH Simplicity Marketing Agency. Early on, I was very clear about my business, and that was to assist service and product based business owners with the growth and development of their company. Earning a degree in Business Administration and continuing education in International Business, I decided to use my expertise to help others implement marketing strategies that would keep the doors open longer than one year. I knew there was a need for support in our community of small businesses and knowing that if I could help other bypass roadblocks and gaps that hindered success in the first year - I wanted to be that bridge.

Entrepreneurship is not easy. What challenges have you experienced?

When I first started off, the biggest struggle was understanding my offerings. It wasn’t that I wasn’t confident in producing, but I often questioned if I was genuinely happy with doing what I was doing. So, as I grew, I became really narrow focused on what I wanted to do, the services I wanted to provide – that way, I was able to produce at my highest potential.

Also, understanding high and low seasons. It forced me to become really financially responsible. A lot of people do not like to talk about money, but I do! I learned from my mistakes, and my biggest mistake was putting too much money into the wrong parts of my business. Of course, I don’t dwell on it – because it was an investment but understanding the value of your dollar and what’s important to your consumer.

Share with us the biggest lesson you've learned as an entrepreneur?

Everyone is not your customer. Clientele was hard for me when I first started out, so much I was eager to take on whoever for the sake of saying I had clients. And trust me, that’s the fastest way to burn out. That was me the first two years. It was so bad that I almost started to rethink my whole business. Since then, I have understood the importance of knowing your ideal customer.

1. People want to relate to you. If your story at some level does not resonate with them, you will have a hard time bringing in clients. (Transparency is key).

2. Your offerings - know what you are offering and how you are solving your consumer's problem. Too often we are trying to solve our own problems, and that just doesn’t work for the target audience you are trying to reach.

So far, what are you most proud of in your business?

As a company, I am most proud of my team. My team is what holds the company together and keep our clients happy. If I said I am doing it by myself; I would be lying. My team is my support system, and we hold each other accountable. It has shown through the success and feedback from our clients. We are able to show up and produce because we understand our strong points, and we work in those areas. Being the CEO, I am confidently able to step back and let those around me produce in an area I’m not as strong in, and that’s what growing us beyond my imagination.

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Instagram: @intentionallyposh Twitter: @intentionalposh

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