Living the Lavish Life: Alicia Brown

BBC: Hi Alicia, so happy to have you interview with Black Business Connect. Tell our readers a little about yourself.

AB: I am Alicia "AliDi" Brown. I am a 42-year-old Mom of 9. And lifetime resident of Atlanta, Ga. My passion for inspiring and teaching people that look like me to live naturally and in ABUNDANCE. Keeps me encouraged to continue growing as a woman and business owner.

BBC: We love your purpose, teaching others how to live in abundance. Could you share with us more about your business?

AB: Lavishly Naturals is an all-natural hair and skin care product line. It is geared toward the health and self-care of black and brown people.

Lavishly Naturals products are dual-purpose, handmade, and affordable. Designed to Release toxins, Refresh our body's abilities to replenish and regrow hair and skin cells. And Also, restore us back to our most natural state of being with our hair and skin.

That's why our slogan is *Release *Refresh *Restore.

BBC: A lot of people want to make the switch to natural products now. What inspired you to start?

AB: The beginning of Lavishly Naturals was birthed out of my desire to return my health, hair, and skin back to natural living in 2013.

I was tired of overpaying for store products that had ingredients that I couldn't even pronounce. Chemicals that were cancer-causing and detrimental to us in the black & brown community. I knew it was a better, more natural way to have high-quality products.

BBC: Did you have challenges along the way?