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Helping Brands Come to Life with Chandra Gore

BBC: Today, we are chatting with Business Consultant Chandra Gore. We are so happy to have you today, tell our readers a little about your story. How did you get started and end up where you are today?

CG: Inspired by my entrepreneur Father, I have always wanted to have the freedom to create my own schedule and be my own boss. After a successful tenure within various corporate positions for 15+ years, I operated as a parallel entrepreneur that assisted others with creating and launching their businesses. I launched Chandra Gore Consulting as a labor of love to ensure that I could service those who have wanted to launch a business but were unsure on where to start.

BBC: Having the freedom to create your own schedule as an entrepreneur is so freeing! That's awesome that you were able to watch your father pursue his dreams as an entrepreneur as well. Tell us about your business & what you offer?

CG: I am an experienced business consultant and publicist that works with businesses and individuals who want to build a brand or elevate their business, create presence in the media or secure press for upcoming projects or brand. I operate my business with integrity and passion - wanting each client to succeed. Seeing the brands and businesses come to life with my guidance I am excited for each of my clients and every win they achieve. Each win or media placement signifying my hard work is paying off because I absolutely love what I do.

BBC: Your services are so crucial to the success of an entrepreneur! Being in business for so long what was the best piece of advice you ever received? What lessons have you learned?

CG: The greatest piece of advice I have ever received was that you do not have to work with everyone. It is okay to decline a partnership or connection. You have the absolute right to be picky. Trust this will save you time and money in the long run.

The biggest lesson I have learned in entrepreneurship was to trust my gut and to know my worth. When I began my journey into entrepreneurship I wanted to help my clients no matter what. I did not trust my gut when it said that a client was not for me. I would bypass the indicators that were telling me to cut ties and to dissolve a connection because I did not want to be a failure. This made me devalue my worth and accept subpar treatment and less than or payments that did not make sense for my services. I learned this lesson the hard way. I know now to listen to myself and to always know my worth.

BBC: Such great knowledge you are giving us today! That is definitely an important lesson. As we come to an end what is your personal motto?

CG: Smile - Remember why you started your journey and let that motivate you to keep going

BBC: Something that we need to remember, especially during these times of uncertainty! Tell our readers how they can stay in touch.

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