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Creating a balanced mom-life with: Christina Garrett

BBC: We are excited to talk with Christina Garrett, CEO of The Momathon Mission. Tell us your story. How did you get started and end up where you are today?

CG: As a pastor's wife, homeschooling mom of five and community leader, I see the vital importance of encouraging busy women to organize their busy schedules and nd time for essential self-care. This movement started 10 years ago, when I gave birth to my twins and became a new mom of three children, all age two and under! Going through the struggles of postpartum depression, severe exhaustion and needing to redefine my identity brought me to a place where I had to strategically organize my life to survive "doing it all." Ultimately, getting everything done means tweaking the To-Do List and accommodating both our families and our businesses! As my productivity habits grew, I began teaching others how to do the same via our online community. This has transformed into live events, coaching for groups and 1:1 and speaking internationally!

BBC: Wow, 3 under 2! We are very sure you had your hands full. Being able teach other moms how to gain productivity is such a blessing. Tell us about your business and what you offer.

CG: The Momathon Mission is centered around supporting multitasking women of faith with all they need to create a healthy work/life balance. Through strategic coaching and consulting, our annual retreat, and speaking internationally, I help women to make a plan that works for their hectic family dynamic. Too many women are needing a body double as they maneuver their Hustle Life while simultaneously working with their family needs. While many of my clients elect for a 6 week coaching partnership, I offer packages that range from half day intensives to full weekend Momathon Reset Experiences. During VIP intensives, we meet at a five-star location and help you refocus on your own needs and dreams. Self care and home strategies are essential experiences, driven by not only resetting your home, but your spirit as well.

BBC: Self care is extremely important in all stages of life but especially when you are a providing mother! With over 10 years under your belt tell us what has been the biggest lesson learned while in entrepreneurship?

CG: During this journey, I have learned the necessary habit of being CONSISTENT. The challenge in an ever shifting social world is that you need to be present, engaged and accounted for! How can people join your mission or buy from you if they don't see you or know you exist? Show up. Then do it again tomorrow.

BBC: I love that saying! And, yes being consistent is extremely important for entrepreneurs. What was the best piece of advice you ever got?

CG: The best piece of advice came recently from my mother, Katherine. I was in the midst of applying for a MAJOR opportunity, and was nervous on how to execute it with excellence. My mother said, "Between the GOD in you and the YOU in you, you have everything you need!"

BBC: Best advice always comes from a God fearing mother! That is such good advice for anyone second guessing themselves! How do you find inspiration?

CG: I am inspired daily by my family. We all want better for our families and our futures, but we may not know HOW to get to our destination. Looking at my children reminds me to keep pushing, even on the days when I don't feel traditionally motivated or inspired. The vision and their needs help me to keep press forward and to dream BIG, so they in turn will dream big as well.

BBC: That truly is a blessing Christina, family is so important. Over the years of being in business, what is your greatest success? What are you most proud of in your business?

CG: My greatest success has been growing the Momathon Movement from a few hundred women locally to over 16,000 in over 40 countries. Having build a viral movement of women practicing self-care and business strategy has been refreshing, empowering and life changing.

I am most proud of the execution of the Momathon Conference & Retreat every fall, where our ladies travel from all over the U.S. to take a deep breath, reconnect and learn new ways to balance hustle and homemaking. Every year, I wonder if I have the energy to do it all again! And each time, it's so fruitful and amazing. For that, I am grateful.

BBC: You have touched the lives of so many needing mothers! That is truly a great accomplishment indeed. Your retreat getaway definitely sounds amazing, we all need to remember to take a step back and breathe. Tell our readers how they can stay in touch with you.

Keep Up With Christina:

IG: The Momathon Diaries

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