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Finding Love Through Grief with Cortne Smith

BBC: Hi Cortne, so happy to have you interview with Black Business Connect. For those who do not know about your business the Relationship Service Station, share about your business.

CS: We are here to make grief an integral part of our everyday conversations so that people can thrive through grief by living fully and loving unconditionally.

After losing my husband in 2012. I was introduced to a widower and 45 days later we got married New Years Eve 12/31/12 which was our new beginning #loveafterlove. After navigating through our grief journey together and designing our marriage around us. We stepped into our ministry four years later by serving and supporting others through grief. Now we have built a marketplace that has different resources to facilitate #healthygriefconversations with our coaching services.

BBC: Greif support is so important in our communities, tell us, what motivated you to start your business?

SC: It was more of a push to do more. I had an event business designing matrimony experiences (engagements, showers, date nights). It evolved from celebrating the highlights of relationships to coaching people through the darkest moments of relationships.

BBC: Wow, being able to coach people through very important moments is a blessing. What is your greatest success? What are you most proud of in your business?

CS: Our greatest success is to be able to keep GOD in the center of the business despite advice to get further I needed to get more main stream. What brings me joy in my business it is a true reaction of of how we walk out our grief and loss in my marriage. We are able to be our true and authentic selves no persona or business faces. We share this openly to impact others to be true to their unique journey.

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