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How to Launch a Professional Website Quickly

Boasting of their free and easy to use website builder, Wix simplifies creating a site for its users. Since 2010, I have used Wix for multiple purposes like for my fashion boutique and travel blog. I chose Wix over other web hosting platforms because of its ease and capability to bundle features such as blogging, acceptance of payments, and email management in one system. Wix has now incorporated features such as automation, search engine optimization, and app offerings just to name a few. With approximately 110 million users, Wix has become one of the go-to site builders. For those who are considering launching a website, I have created a list of the pros and cons of using Wix.


Good Website for Beginners

Wix cuts out the need to learn to code or hiring someone to do it for you. Plus, you can have your website up and running within minutes. However, if you know how to code Wix gives you the option to do so. Once you create your account, you can view dozens of already designed templates ready to publish. Their designs cater to various industries and specific target markets. My favorite aspect is how easily you can customize your site by adding photos, changing the font, or creating different layouts. Additionally, you have access to hundreds of free images that do not break copyright laws. The combination of these features is what initially attracted Wix to me.

Note: Although you can publish your website quickly using this platform, you still should take time to plan to make sure your site is effective and conveys your core message to your audience.

SEO & Automation

For those who are new to search engine optimization, Wix walks you through the process of setting it up. In your account, there is an SEO wizard that takes you step-by-step to make your site more visible. The guide also alerts you when the SEO on a specific page of your website needs to be improved. The reason why this is helpful is that it increases your chances of being discovered through an internet search.

Another feature I love is how automation is now available on their platform. Instead of manually sending a file or lead magnet to your subscribers, Wix automatically sends it if someone subscribes to your email list. All you need to do is write your email message and upload your file, and it will be prepared to go. The only drawback I find with their automation system is that it is somewhat limited in what it can do. Therefore, you will still have to find alternative methods to automate some tasks.

Flexible Payment Plan

Critics argue that Wix is one of the more expensive website builders. However, I have found it to be convenient. You can select from a variety of plans based on your needs and choose to pay month-to-month or annually. If you pay monthly, you can cancel at any time or decide not to renew if you pay annually. Plus, if you purchase a premium plan and cancel within the first 14 days, you receive a full refund. Now here is an insider tip, often Wix has a flash sale randomly and sales around major holidays. If you catch one of them, you can purchase your site at a discounted rate or upgrade your existing website at a much lower cost. If you upgrade, what you previously paid goes towards the bill, and you only pay the balance. One time I spent just $1 to upgrade to the highest level. Unfortunately, the next year you will have to pay full price to renew (unless you catch another sale).


Exporting Data & Information

The major negative about using Wix is its inability to export or transfer your data and information. If you start with one design template and later want to switch to another, the only information that transfers are files and photos. Therefore, you have to start from scratch and copy and paste text from your old site to place on your new one. On the one hand, starting fresh can be good a thing. However, it still takes time to redevelop a website from scratch even with a template.

Adding Emails, Apps & Extensions

Wix can send your emails and newsletters through your account under a customized email domain. For example, your email name would read instead of However, you have to pay an additional fee, either monthly or yearly. While setting up your email domain is highly suggested, extra costs may be an imposition, especially if you are starting out in business.

Another drawback is adding specific apps and extensions. Wix has an app market that houses supplemental features such as form builders, website analytics, an event management system, and more. While most of these apps are free, some are limited in what they offer unless you upgrade. Therefore, you may incur another cost just to set up your site. Sometimes, the free version may be enough; it depends on what you need for your brand.

Note: Some of the apps found in the App Market include third-party institutions. Be sure to read the reviews and fine print before adding them to your site.

Overall Review

Wix does live up to their motto of making their website builder a one-stop shop for your website needs. From experience, I can attest that it is a great platform to use for promoting your brand and managing certain business activities. By using Wix, you can set up a customized domain, maintain an email list, send newsletters, and write blogs, in addition to other amenities. While it does have drawbacks and limitations as previously mentioned, I still think it is a good beginner website builder for businesses. Additionally, if you are looking to launch your business quickly, it provides a temporary option until you are ready to upgrade to an alternate web host.

Ready to launch your website on Wix? Use the button below to start.

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