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What Can We Learn from the Movie Black Panther?

If you haven't heard about the movie Black Panther and its huge success, you’ve probably been living under a rock. After weeks of anticipation, I could not wait to take my one-way trip to Wakanda, and I was not disappointed. As a Marvel follower, I naturally wanted to see the action shots and humor. However, I was even more excited to see black excellence and the aspects of black culture ingrained in the movie. I found Black Panther to be relatable with many lessons that we all can apply to our life. So here are a few takeaways from the film.

1. Great leaders will often be challenged.

Throughout the movie, we see the authority of T’Challa tested. The apparent scenes are when M’Baku and Killmonger initiate the battle challenge for the throne. However, T’Challa was also morally and internally tested. One of his dilemmas was whether to follow in the footsteps of the elders or break with tradition to chart his course. While it was not an easy decision, he decided to break the mold and lead how he saw fit.

Like T’Challa you will be challenged both personally and professionally. And at times, you may even be emotionally comatose. It happens to me more than I would like to admit. However, you must find ways to snap out of it. Keep yourself motivated, whether it is leaning on your family or reading inspirational books. Remember to stay the course!

2. Don’t let setbacks keep you from claiming your crown.

After facing M’Baku, Klaue, Killmonger, and being in a coma, how many of us would just give up? T’Challa could have easily backed out of his responsibilities or said this is too hard. But, did he? No! Instead, he used his obstacles to his advantage to overcome his enemies and reclaim the throne. He knew that he had to fulfill his destiny and that all of Wakanda was depending on him to make it right. So when you face adversity, don't lose sight of your crown (or destination). Remain committed to the goal and learn to transform your setbacks into success.

3. Sometimes you need to step outside your comfort zone.

For many years, the country of Wakanda closed its borders to the world posing as a “third world country.” The fear was that revealing the real status of their wealth would lead to war, ruin, and exploitation. While they had the means to help underresourced areas, their fear paralyzed them to do anything about it.

Sometimes as leaders we will inherit responsibilities that will push us to new heights. But, that is not the time to run scared. We will also have moments when we question our abilities. There will always be some risk lurking in the background. However, if you never push the envelope, how do you expect to get different results? You will never know what you are capable of until you try.

4. There is enough opportunity around for everyone to win.

Often we embody the Wakandan mindset and keep resources to ourselves that could benefit others. However, if we are to prosper, we must lift each other up. One thing I have learned over the years is that there are plenty of opportunities to go around. Sometimes, we would be further along in our mission if we would only reach out to that person to collaborate. Or simply give back to someone who needs assistance. You never know how your support or lack thereof may impact you in the future. So, let's stop looking at each other as competition. Instead, let's see how we can create opportunities together. As a result, everyone can win.

Share with us! We hope you enjoyed this post. What did you think of Black Panther? Were there any lessons that you took away from the movie? Tell us what you thought in the comments below.

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