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4 Tips to Get the Results You Want This Year

Happy New Year from Black Business Connect! Now that holiday party season is over; it is time to get back to business. How many times have you made the same goal but found yourself in the same place as the year before? 2018 is the year to stop dreaming about your goals and start hitting your target. Try these top 4 tips to uplevel your life and business this year.

Set Your Income Goal

Decide how much you want to make within the next three months, six months, and year and stick to it. Place your goal in a place where you will see it regularly. Design strategies on how you are going to reach this income aim and internalize it. Each day take small actionable steps that get you one step closer to your objective.

Develop your Value Proposition

A value proposition is a statement describing what you advantages you deliver to your customers and followers. It describes what you offer, the benefits of what you offer, and what makes your business unique. It is difficult to convert people to a paying customer if you cannot make them pay attention. Therefore, develop and communicate your value statement in a clear and efficient manner. We love this template created by the Female Entrepreneur Association:

Value Proposition = (your business name) is the only (description of company/role) that provides (people you serve) with (the value/tools/outcomes you offer) because (why it’s important) unlike (the way you differentiate from others).

You do not have to say this statement word for word, but it is an excellent foundation for creating your value proposition.

Create a Content Calendar

A content calendar shapes the story you want to relay to your audience and builds consistency in your business. This year, turn your ideas into strategies and strategies into implementation. It is not just about growing your profits (although that is the ultimate goal), it is about establishing your brand as the "go-to" business. And, to do that you need a strong foundation. Organizing your content reveals what needs tweaking and what is not relevant to your core message. Whether for your social media posts, blogs, or email marketing, creating a schedule prevents you from scrambling at the last minute to publish content.

Expand Your Network

Some of the greatest leads stem from networking. Plus, it is a great way to practice your elevator pitch and get comfortable with your marketing your brand. Build connections with someone new this month. Engage with several people through your social media platforms, attend events in your area, virtual sessions, or even host something yourself. Diversify your network by attending different types of events that are unrelated to your typical area of expertise. Expanding your network not only increases your reach but it creates pathways to possible collaborations, knowledge, and resources.

Check back each Monday for more business tips.

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