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5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Presence

Social Media 101

Social media marketing has become an essential part of enhancing the visibility and business brand. In recent years, it has become almost mandatory for the entrepreneur to use a variety of platforms to engage their customers and clients. Using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest has proven to be proactive in attracting clientele and building relationships. However, implementing a social media platform without a strategic plan can do more harm than good for your business. But, BBC is here to let you in on our secrets. Let us show you five helpful strategies that have contributed to our overall business success.

1. Start a Book of Ideas

The necessity of maintaining a vibrant online presence and social media can be time-consuming. However, by keeping a notebook handy, you can jot down any ideas that pop into your mind. Write it all down! So when writer’s block creeps up, you can use one of the ideas from your book to produce fresh content. Even if you think it's bad, jot it down in your notebook. You never know when one lousy idea may transform into a good one. You may also consider looking at similar businesses or bloggers. A few of the ideas we implement here at BBC are inspired by other individuals, organizations, and businesses. Why reinvent the wheel? Who knows, maybe your winning idea will inspire us next.

2. Take Time to Schedule

Even if it is only one day a week, it is necessary to set aside time to plan your content. Creating a social media calendar helps you organize your material and plan the things you want to schedule in advance. Tracking the posts you publish, allows you to determine what worked well and what did not. As a result, you can identify opportunities in which you can improve in the future.

Note: Visit our freebies section to download our Social Media Scheduler.

3. Determine What Your Audience Wants to See

Nothing is more disappointing than spending hours on something, only for no one to see it. However, you can avoid wasting time by learning what your audience wants to see. And, you can produce content that your audience is interested in without compromising your authentic voice. Just find a balance. To figure out the topics they are interested in viewing, you can conduct interviews, surveys, focus groups, etc. By creating content tailored to meet their needs, you demonstrate that you are attentive and listen. In return, you will retain a loyal base because of the consistent value you produce. Trust us; this will go a long way.

4. Create Challenges and Contests

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? Challenges and contests are one of the quickest ways to create brand awareness. Plus, it provides an exciting way to engage your followers. Engaging followers can lead to increased website traffic, new email subscribers, and conversion of followers to paying customers. Adding an incentive such as a freebie or trial period would only be the icing on the cake.

Note: Short challenges such as 5-10 days produce the best results of retaining participants. Don’t forget to generate hashtags for your followers to use. Check out the "Mindset Challenge: 7 Days to Creating Your Idea Life."

5. Use Automation & Post Frequency

So we hear you saying this is great and all but I do not have time to post. Or perhaps, you just forget to post what you plan. For the busy entrepreneur, automation will become your best friend. Today, there are many tools such as Gremlin Social, Preview (iPhone app), and Hootsuite that allows you schedule posts in advance. All that is required is to determine how often you wish to post and when. It is just that simple. So, why are you waiting? There is no excuse why you cannot start today!

We hope that our five strategies will assist you in improving your social media presence. Do you have tips that you wish to share? Post them in the comment box below.

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