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Beauty & Wellness


    Skincare & Makeup

    Beauty Bar's mission is to empower women to look and feel beautiful both inside and out. Every woman has a different definition of beauty, and I allow women to achieve a look that makes them comfortable and confident. Kim Evans teaches women how to take care of their skin and how to apply makeup. She also mentors women by helping them build a beauty business to supplement income or replace income as they prepare for their future. 

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    Miss Global International USA is the official United States preliminary competition to Miss Global International where women compete to be ambassadors for cultural diversity throughout the country and represent the United States on the international stage.


    Phone: (347) 979-2335

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    Image by Clarke Sanders

    Health & Wellness

    Duende is co-creative coaching for womxn, especially black womxn, who are looking to maximize their free time and pour more energy into their passion projects. 

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    Natural Hair & Skin Care 

    Ka'She Natural Luxury creates natural hair and skin care products which includes handmade, nature-based skin butter and deodorants. Our haircare products keep the hair feeling hydrated and moisturized for days. Additionally, our skin butter is a natural remedy for collagen repair to restore skin elasticity. And our natural deodorants are entirely safe for adults and kids..., and they work!


    A scientist, with a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science, creates all of the products. Ka'She Natural prides itself on having your well- being in mind and formulate our products conscientiously. 

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    Vegan Skin & Hair Care Products

    Niik Products is an herbal, vegan product line for delicate, sensitive skin created with the rarest, luxury herbs, oils, butters, and essentials oils. Our product line is for vegans and individuals who love non-toxic products. We strive to keep our brand eco-friendly, free of harm to animals, natural, and organic. We offer a variety of luxurious handmade skincare products that's perfect for all skin types and problems. The Niik Products skincare line is truly where nature meets beauty. 

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    Home Decor & Wellness

    Lula’s Candle Company, LLC (Lula’s Candle Co.) is focused on bringing light to those in need of love, self-care, peace and healing. Whether having lost a loved one, battling disease or simply a lover of candles, the mission behind Lula's Candle Co. is to spread love and support through custom handcrafted soy candles.

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    Beauty and Lifestyle

    ShanDeeNY's is a Luxury Beauty and Lifestyle Empire. A conglomerate of vegan and cruelty free makeup, jewelry store offering Lead and Nickel free jewelry for only  $5, and a travel agency catering  to both personal and business travel (Elysian Lifestyle Travel), a hair boutique offering luxury Malaysian, Brazilian and Indian hair extensions of all types, wigs, edge control and lashes (Flair For Hair By Shandeeny's) and a clothing boutique that offers Classic style men’s & women’s career wear and trendy clothing as well as children’s clothing and accessories (Shandeeny’s).

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