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Business Services

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Business Consulting

Black Women Moguls' help black women business owners increase their visibility and connections within 8 weeks so they can grow their sales. We do this through our Secure the Brand Program which provides business training, marketing opportunities, and events. These exclusive resources help our clients build a profitable business without feeling lost or overwhelmed.


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Branding & Marketing

FRSH Marketing Branding & Design is a design company set to help business owners work smarter not harder through the approach that less is more. They provide design solutions without unnecessary "EXTRAS," which is why the "E" is missing. As a company, they are most proud of our work with businesses to help them thrive in their fields. Aside from offering clean and hassle-free services, FRSH Marketing Branding & Design also equips them with clients the tools they need to continue to grow. They believe if their clients do well, they do too. With FRSH Marketing Branding & Design, their job is not finished after projects are completed. They will always be there to cheer clients on along the way. 

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Professional Services

Hand To Heart Solutions serves to provide training to keep your organization performing at its best. Services include CPR/First Aid Training, Medication Aid Training, and Compliance Consultation.


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