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About Black Business Connect

Black Business Connect is an online global hub providing essential strategies and resources for entrepreneurs seeking to start or grow their business. Our goal is to help individuals turn their passion into a paycheck by assisting them to build the brand of their dreams. We are here to get your business on track by designing personalized strategies to implement your goals.

How We Help

BBC University: Our University hosts a series of masterclasses covering topics such as starting a business, social media strategies, generating email leads, and more.

Black Business Expo: Showcase your business while learning new tools and best practices designed to help you grow your business.


Business 360º Blog: Read regularly published content that includes, how-tos, strategies, and inspiration to assist you with your business goals. 


Coaching Services: Uncover your hidden talents and overcome obstacles with one-on-one consulting to meet your individual needs.

I was once in your shoes…

      Yes, I was once the frustrated entrepreneur who wondered if or when would my business take off. I found myself taking class after class, going to conference after conference trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Why couldn’t I attract the audience I wanted? Well, after my conference hopping fizzled out, I realized nothing was wrong with me. Instead, it was my approach that was all wrong. Once I gained clarity and created a plan, my business took off. I was finally able to live the lifestyle that I really wanted. Now, it is my mission to help others to step into their purpose and live out their dream life. 

      After my moment of clarity, I began to notice that other entrepreneurs struggled with the same obstacles I had overcome. They lacked the focus, mindset, and RIGHT tools needed to transform their passion into profit. I thought, “There are so many black business directories but not enough resources to equip these businesses with the tools they need to succeed.” Then, I thought you have the skill set and expertise to help them build the brand of their dreams. If I share the good, the bad, and the ugly perhaps I could help them avoid some of the mistakes I made early on. And just like that, Black Business Connect was born.

      When I first began BBC, I knew it could be a beacon of inspiration. I wanted to create a platform for individuals to grow and overcome the challenges that hindered their business. But never did I imagine that it would reach individuals as far as Australia. Yes, I said Australia! We all have a story tell, and it is our purpose at BBC to connect those experiences and help one another. Entrepreneurship is not always an easy road but what keeps me going is seeing how BBC inspires others. We strive every day to deliver the best value and content in everything we do. Don’t get me wrong there are still days when I want to throw in the towel, but who doesn’t at times? This is why building community is so essential. Together, we can grow and encourage one another to keep moving forward.

Let's continue to Connect, Create, and Collaborate!


BBC's Story

Black Business Expo
BBC Launch Party
Black Business Expo
BBC Launch Party
Black Business Expo
Black Business Connect CEO

Meet Averri

     An active community leader, Averri Liggins serves as the Founder and CEO of Black Business Connect, LLC. Averri is a multi-faceted leader with areas of strength in marketing, brand development, and social media. With a background in nonprofit relations and government administration, she brings a variety of expertise to Black Business Connect. She has distinguished herself as a leading organizer and strategist with proven business savvy. Ever the visionary, she endeavors to expand the imprint of the black dollar; thereby increasing the sustainability of black businesses.


      Through her work in the community, she continues to demonstrate an eagerness to help reinvigorate the black community. A proud graduate of Clark Atlanta University, she has utilized her skills to support various organizations. Currently, she serves as 1st Vice President of the Greater Atlanta Section of the National Council of Negro Women.

 Averri earned her Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Clark Atlanta University and a Master's Degree in Public Administration from Georgia State University. 

Book Averri for your next speaking engagement. Email for inquiries.

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